As a human being we all have to protect our health. There’re so many barriers which we have come across to maintain our health. Especially in our current world there are so many issues such as, pollution, global warming and so many other social and environmental issues which become as a challenge to human life. Other than this people also face so health issues when they are getting old and when the time changes. No one can get escape from these issues because it’s nature. However people can reduce this issue in their life. For that they have to maintain their health, such as frequent body check-ups, meditation and other exercises. By doing this all, we can reduce the dangerous situations in our life. Also it’s important to mention that these days we have all kinds of medical facilities and techniques to cure most of the diseases. But these facilities are very expensive and only certain classes of people can obtain these technologies.

When we’re saying health it covers physical health, mental health and Coburg dental health etc. If a person has any disease or gets sickness, it doesn’t mean that he is unhealthy. If a person who continuously or frequently get sick or maintain his self under medical assistance. it is important to mention that our daily routine, our lifestyle and our food patterns can also affect our health for example the place where we live has to clean and hygiene, if not it may cause so many physical and mental health issues. And the foods and drinks which we consume can ask effect our physical health. And there are so many other activities such as exercise, yoga, dance, gymnastics and sports which can give positive vibrations to our body and helps to maintain our health.

These days most of the developed countries use the medical field as a tool to earn money. The reason for this is, those countries only have the advanced technological facilities and equipment. A few examples are India, USA, UK, Russia, China and Singapore etc. For example, India is a well-known country for medical field which has cancer medications, advanced surgery facilities and other advanced treatments. Also India is also famous for specialized doctors, such as, Neuro surgeon, heart specialist, eye specialists and professional Indian dentists.

However it’s always better to do the precautions rather than treating the diseases. Here the precautions are healthy life routine, eating healthy foods, drinking 2 litres water per day and healthy physical activities continuously etc. This makes our life happier.